Why Your Husband May Seem to be Obsessed by Sex

For women, a connection with their husband is far emotional than physical. In contrast, a husband seeks a sexual connection with his wife as a means of expressing his emotions. If you feel like all your husband wants from you is sex, you need to understand his intentions. It’s not the objectification of you as a physical being. It’s his desire to show you how he feels without needing to say it in so many words.

Sure, we’d all appreciate a husband who could just tell us how he’s feeling. But without healthy sex, marriage becomes a friendship. And a friendship degenerates into a roommate relationship. Before you know it, the dream is over. So, take it as a huge compliment that your husband wants you sexually. It means that he wants you mentally, spiritually, and emotionally too.


  1. The biology of the male need for sex

The hormone that stimulates sexual desire is called testosterone. It is known as a male hormone. Even so, all people have certain levels of testosterone in their bodies. However, men have it in far greater amounts than women. With significantly higher levels of testosterone in their bodies, it makes sense that men are driven by a need for sexual contact with their partners.

This is nothing abnormal. It is the physiological and biological make-up of a man to desire closeness through sex.


  1. The societal pressures of sex placed on men

The measure of a man is how much sex he has and his prowess in the bedroom. Society teaches men that this is what defines them. So many men are preoccupied with being great lovers and having plenty of sex. In their minds, society has programmed them to believe that this is what makes them ‘real’ men.


  1. The biology of the female need for emotional intimacy

The hormone that drives many of a woman’s needs is called estrogen. It is a female hormone that is needed to maintain the female reproductive system. This hormone is what makes women more emotional beings than men. That’s why their idea of intimacy places less emphasis on the physical act than the emotional connection it fosters.


  1. The societal norms for sex placed on women

Society teaches women that sex is less about their pleasure and more about the satisfaction of their partner. This is a view that is gradually changing. As women gain more equality and liberation, they are being encouraged to become more sexual and to seek pleasure from the act.

However, changes in perceptions such as these take years to come about. There are societies in the world today that still teach young girls that their purpose in having sex is to bear children and nothing else. It’s regarded almost as a necessary evil and a duty that must be performed as an obedient wife.


  1. Finding the balance

If you can grasp your husband’s motivations, you’ll understand why sex is so important to you. If he can understand where you’re coming from in your approach, then he’ll comprehend your need for that emotional connection. With open lines of communication, you and your husband can make sure that you both get what you want out of your sex life.

You can both move beyond the perception that sex is merely a physical act that expresses emotion at an elementary level. Sex can become a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual experience for you both.

This understanding and the blending of your needs can improve your sex life and take it beyond good to absolutely great. Don’t view his obsessive need for sex as a nuisance, look at it as a way to gain a deeper relationship with him that will survive the test of time. The intimacy you share will strengthen your relationship for the inevitable challenges to come in the years that lie ahead.