Top 6 Ways to Show Ultimate Trust in Your Spouse

building trust in a relationship

We all need to feel like we are in a trusting marriage. Here are six ways you can show ultimate trust in your partner.

  1. Trust your partner’s friends and companions

Sometimes, people will say that they trust their partner, but do not trust the people that they are with. What you are actually telling your partner here is that you don’t 100% trust their ability to make decisions for themselves. Show them that you trust them, as well as their friends, otherwise you will lose their trust.

  1. Trust your partner with your secrets

Everyone has secrets and things that they wish to remain private, but this will have to change when you commit to a partner. Secrets have no place in a marriage where both parties trust each other. Be courageous and open up to your partner, they will reward the transparency you have shown by trusting you even more. When you show your partner you are willing to trust them, they will do the same in return.

  1. Be around

Presence is always good for a relationship and building trust. Even when you are in a long distance relationship, presence doesn’t have to mean physically there, it can simply mean being free and giving up your time for them. Show that you are willing to free up your time and devote it to them, even if you are very busy you must still find a way to show them they are important.

  1. Respect their privacy

You can give your trust to your partner, but do not demand it back from them. If your partner chooses to be private, allow them space and give them time to ease into the relationship. Do not violate their privacy just because you think it is something you are entitled to. Show you trust them, but wait for them to open up and show that they trust you.

  1. Empathize towards your partner

It is a vital lesson you have to learn, to put yourself in the shoes of your partner. This will stop you from making judgments, and will allow you to empathize with what your partner is going through. This will allow you to build trust together. For example, if your partner is stressed at work, if you put yourself in their shoes you will realize they don’t want stress at home, they want to be looked after. You can be the one looking after them, giving them what they want.

  1. Show other people how much you love each other

This may be a bold move, but it is one that will leave your partner knowing that you have the ultimate trust in them. This will bring attention to you and your partner, but it will make your partner feel very special and loved. Make room for surprises in your relationship, this will bring you closer together and give you a more trusting relationship.