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Top 6 Pieces of Sex Furniture For Your Bedroom


There are a lot of products available on the market that can enhance and inspire your sex life and bring a lot of excitement to it. Sometimes you don’t even have to buy anything. You can get started with a sleep mask that you most likely already own. Then there are feathers and other small and light products. If, however, you get really serious about sex stuff, you can even buy furniture that has been created specifically for sex. From this article you will learn about six interesting sex furniture pieces.

  1. Sex swings

Just as their name suggests, sex swings are swings. They look similar to hammocks, but they have been designed specifically for intercourse.

Sex swings need to be able to hold the weight of a human body, which is why they do require special installation. You need to hang them with a chain that attaches to a beam in the ceiling that can bear a weight. You can also invest in a freestanding metal frame that you can purchase separately.

Sex swings are great for couples who feel that they want to experience something more than sex in bed. Depending on the model and the manufacturer, a sex swing can cost between $100 and $500.

Sex swings are usually made of nylon. They look like a hammock and consist of the main piece that has a lot of straps on all sides.

Each model has its differences, but the concept is the same, which is to suspend one of the partners in the air to have sex.

You can use sex swings for a lot of different positions. A woman can sit or lie back and the man can be in front of her. Sex swings are great for women who love to be on their backs during sex but do not like the weight of their partners on them.

The wife can also turn over and the husband can experiment with doggy style position variations. If you like to have sex while sitting but don’t like the strain on your body, you will love sex swings. Because the sex swing fully supports the weight of one body, it can make it feel almost weightless for one or both partners. At the same time, you can still touch each other, have eye contact and communicate.

  1. Sex slings

Sex slings are not very different from sex swings. Just like the swings, they need to hang from a beam that can support weight or use a freestanding metal frame.

Sex swings can consist of many straps. Slings are always made of one continuous piece. The material is either nylon or leather. Slings can have leg and other attachments.

Slings are not just made for sex. You can also use them when one partner is sitting and the other one is standing or sitting. Swings usually have more adjustable positions than the slings.

There are also body slings available on the market. They have the straps but no suspension. One type of a body sling consists of a combination of a piece for head and neck and long leg straps.

With another type of a sling you can strap your partner to your body. Some slings have ankle and thigh cuffs for putting the body into some very interesting positions without having to install a weight-bearing sex swing.

  1. Bonk’er

The Bonk’er is a piece of furniture that combines sex sling and a frame, which is why you can use it in combination with your bed. The unit works best with beds that are slightly elevated above the ground.

It comes with a metal frame that has two handles that look like canes. After you assemble the Bonk’er, you slide its feet under your bed. The Bonk’er also has a leather string that clips into the holes, creating a seat strap. You can use the Bonk’er for unique and different positions. For example, you can elevate the body of your partner with legs in the straps and in the air.