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Top 5 Ways to Get Sexy With Your Spouse in Public

couple getting sexy in public

We all have tedious obligations we need to attend, that take away from time with our spouse. Even the most fun weddings, parties, and celebrations can grow monotonous when you have attended enough of them.  If you and your spouse are stuck attending an event that you’re not totally interested in, this can actually be a wonderful opportunity to stoke your libido in public. These simple, fun games can help build passion for the time when you can finally be alone together, building anticipation and your mutual enjoyment.


This isn’t to say that you should be completely inappropriate at social gatherings, or that you should be hooking up in public places, necessarily. That said, what your friends don’t know won’t hurt them, and the steamy results you get from these games will be worth it.


  1. Fantasy game

Some people love the act of fantasy, imagining all sorts of dirty scenarios where they can really let it all out. Nothing adds to the fantasy game more than carrying out in public, like a dirty secret. There are two ways to play this game in public. The first is to use the quiet privacy of a public space to share your fantasies, whispered to your partner or sent via text after a few glasses of wine. The second is to actually act on these fantasies in public (in moderation). If you have a scenario, or character that features in a fantasy, you and your partner can slip into these roles for the night, building anticipation for the moment you get home and can act on your desire.


  1. Wearing and not wearing

This is a classic, but one every couple should try. If you’re spending a night on the town, one way to drive your partner wild is to go without underwear, go without a bra, or have another sexy surprise waiting. You might even opt to slip them off as the night progresses. Letting your spouse know about a sexy secret that only they know about is a huge turn on, and guaranteed to make them want to head home early.


  1. Secret Messages

Nothing is sexier than a secret. If you find yourself out at an event and ready to head home with your spouse, one way to get your foreplay going is to send each other messages throughout the course of the night. The contrast of sending explicit texts about what you want to do with each other and the proper events you’re both actually present at makes for a thrill and builds anticipation for when you can head home together.


  1. Code words

Making up code words or code phrases is a simple and hilarious way for you and your spouse to connect and flirt while in public. These code words can be very innocuous (mentioning pineapple means that one of you wants a hug), but also give you room to make things a bit sexier. Mentioning that you have a lot of laundry to do in the morning might really mean it is time to go home and get down to business. This is a wonderful game that allows you to connect with your spouse, turn each other on, and state explicitly what you want without having to say the words.

  1. Make a bet

This game isn’t for most couples and is one that can cause jealousy and anger if not played in good faith. Sometimes, a little harmless flirting and competition are exactly what you need to get excited about one another. Making a bet is a great way to spice up the evening. You can bet your spouse that they can’t get another person’s phone number, that they won’t remove their underwear, or that they won’t openly flirt in front of you. These small, harmless, and sexy flirtations allow you both to interact with the world while having private time to be sexy together. Be careful if you take on this game, it is not for the jealous!