Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Vibrators


  1. A vibrator is the most popular sex toy

There is a very simple reason why a vibrator is the most popular sex toy on the market: when it vibrates against the genitals and other sensitive parts of a body, the nerve endings come alive and it feels really good. Vibrators can help you and your partner get in the mood, warm up and get off.


  1. Vibrators are not just for women

It may seem that vibrators are only for women, but they are not. Men can use vibrators to stimulate the heads of their penises, balls, and other parts of their bodies. Adventurous men use vibrators for anal stimulation. Vibrating sleeves and pumps can deliver exceptional stimulation, too.


  1. Vibrators are not just for solo use

Vibrators are not just toys for masturbation. Couples can use them during sex, too. A vibrator can be an “extra pair of hands” and can be helping a person do one thing while the partner is doing something else. For example, hands can be busy with nipples and hair and a vibrator can be stimulating the vulva at the same time. It is also possible to use a vibrator to stimulate oral sex and use it against the balls. Finally, a vibrator can help reach clitoris during certain positions during intercourse.


  1. A vibrator can play an important role in helping get aroused

For women with low libido, a vibrator can really help get aroused. Women that take a really long time to get on can use a vibrator as a short cut. Studies show that many women need clitoral stimulation to get to an orgasm. It may be clitoral stimulation on its own or in a combination with some other kind of stimulation but the clitoris needs to be in the mix. In such scenarios, a vibrator can be of help to fingers, mouths or tongues.


  1. Vibrators can perform a lot of functions

Clitoral vibrators deliver external clitoral stimulation. Battery-powered or rechargeable models typically offer low to moderate vibration and are great for beginners. Plug-in models deliver moderate to high vibration that comes with a lot of strong power. Wearable and hands-free units typically have unique shapes that allow to sit on them or to strap them on. Insertable models are usually phallic or curved and are created for penetration or stimulation of the G-spot. Finally, dual-action units can penetrate and stimulate the clit at the same time. Both insertable and dual-action units are battery-powered or rechargeable.


  1. There are different types of vibrations and speeds

Some vibrators have different modes that can range from kneading to fluttering, each of which brings a different sensation. Some models have just one speed while others have several speeds. Yet another group of vibrators has dial-like speed controls and allows you to gradually increase or decrease power and speed. As a rule of thumb, battery-powered models are not going to be very powerful. Plug-in units will deliver maximum power and intensity.