Top 5 Exercises To Stay in Shape (That You Can Do with Your Significant Other)

couple exercising together

Looking good and feeling good is an important part of life today for both men and women and you can accomplish that by working out. Having a good working out regime is a small portion of workout success. Other factors are having the time to work out and having an accountability partner and that’s something your spouse can help you with.

Not only is working out great for your physique but it is also good for your muscular and skeletal health. Five of the best exercises to have fun with your significant other and to get great results are below:

  1. Stretching

This may not be the traditional workout you would think of but stretching can make your muscles flexible if you do it regularly. You can stretch in your cubicle, in a tiny apartment or even when you are out grocery shopping. Make it a duo routine with your significant other and ask them to pay attention to your form. You want to make sure that your form is not off the beaten path where you strain a muscle.

  1. Taking a yoga class

Yoga is a lot of stretching with perfect form. If you’ve been practicing stretching regularly at home then taking a yoga class with your spouse can be a breeze. Yoga builds strength, flexibility, mobility, and balance. It encourages mind-body awareness; improves posture, breathing, and mindfulness. It also helps relieve you of stress.

  1. Doing planks

Planks are perfect for your whole body as they focus on your midsection giving you a good core stability. Having a good core stability will create balance in your body. Have your significant other do planks with you.

  1. Push ups

Girl Push Ups/Boy Push Ups focus on strengthening your upper body. Pushups are to your upper body what planks are to your core section. Your significant other would be a great addition to these exercises because you can have a little competition and see who can do the most pushups. Your spouse can help keep track of how many pushups you can do, too

  1. Lift with your legs

When moving heavy things around, be aware of how you are picking them up. Distribute most of the weight with your legs. If you lift this way, then an 80 lbs box will seem much lighter than it really is. Ask your spouse to spot you while lifting or ask them to help lift the item with you, especially if the item is too heavy. If you feel your calves burning, you are lifting correctly.

Not every workout needs to be performed in the gym to have the perfectly sculpted body you see in magazines. The exercises in this article have been proven to be highly successful and can lead to great results. Not to mention that you get to have a little fun and healthy competition with your significant other. Save yourself the money of a gym membership and get your workout in your home or outside on a beautiful sunny day!