Top 5 Diet Changes That Will Improve Your Sex Life

Healthy salad

What we eat affects every aspect of our lives, even sex. Foods have the ability to improve hormones, sex drive, blood flow, sensitivity, and fertility. In fact, health makes one of the biggest impacts on how good our sex life is.


If we are not getting the proper blood flow to our sex organs or the right hormones for proper function, our experiences will certainly be lacking. Here are some things you can omit or include in your diet to make your sex life better.


  1. Alcohol

Too much alcohol can lead to all kinds of issues during sex. Alcohol inhibits the sexual response, making it harder to achieve erection and orgasm. A single glass of wine can be good for getting you in the mood, but too much alcohol could certainly kill your libido.


  1. Processed foods

Processed foods are a no-go if you want to increase your sex drive. Processed foods are high in trans and saturated fats and are likely to clog your arteries, making it harder to for your blood to circulate properly and therefore making it harder to become stimulated and to have a great orgasm. The secret to great sex is heart health, as it directly relates to the blood circulation you’ll have in your genitals. Having a healthy blood flow will make your sex organs more sensitive to stimulation and will make your orgasms so much more exciting.


  1. Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables have some amazing nutrients and minerals that your body uses to function properly. They help to stabilize hormones, get rid of toxins, and make you look better!


  1. Animal products

Many animal products are filled with hormones, including meat, eggs, milk, and cheese. The hormones that are found in these foods can offset your own hormones, which is why you want to make sure that you eat meat and dairy that are free of hormones and antibiotics


  1. Over-indulging

Weight gain is a major sex drive killer. It makes sex more tiring, less sexy, makes you feel less confident, and your blood flow to your sex organs will be much slower, making orgasms less enjoyable. It will also make it harder to even get in the mood.


  1. Orgasm assisting foods

There are foods that can help to make your orgasms more intense and enjoyable! Olive oil is well known for its healthy fats, its ability to make your hair and skin grown, and your heart happy. But what you may not know is that olive oil can actually affect your hormones as well as improve circulation. Olive oil can help with testosterone levels, raising libido and making orgasms better. Another food that can make your orgasms better is actually hot peppers! Hot peppers help to increase blood flow and make your vessels bigger, allowing for higher amounts of sensitivity during intercourse and making your orgasms feel much more intense.


Bottom line: If you follow a healthy diet and exercise plan, then your sex life will flourish!