Top 5 Biggest Myths About Sex Toys

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  1. Sex toys are only for people who don’t get real sex

This myth comes from the fact that probably the most well-known sex toy is a blow-up doll. When people see blow-up dolls, they start assuming that all sex toys are a variation of a blow-up doll and that their users are those who don’t get real sex with partners. If a person can’t get real sex, the only two options that remain are masturbation and using replacements for human sex partners. In reality, most sex toys have not been designed to replace humans. There are all kinds of sex toys for people from all walks of life.


  1. Sex toys are only good for masturbation

This myth is also related to the existence of sex dolls. Some female adult film stars make money on licensing deals for the production of artificial vaginas, which reinforces the idea that sex toys are for those who “can’t get the real thing.” While some sex toys have been created for solo pleasure, many of them can be used in a number of ways during a sexual act between two partners. The goal of many sex toys is to bring variety and fun into sex life, not to replace a sexual relationship between partners.


  1. Sex toys are for people with sexual problems

Several decades ago certain doctors could diagnose women with frigidity and other similar ailments. Such doctors would then prescribe the use of vibrators as a solution to such “health problems.” This led to the appearance of an idea that sex toys are only for those people who have sexual issues. While many of the toys can indeed help people with sexual issues, they can also help people that are perfectly healthy have a much more exciting sex life.


  1. If a woman starts using sex toys, she will not want to have sex with a man

Many men have an irrational fear about their wives having a better time with a vibrator than with a husband. In reality, very often women can pleasure themselves physically more skillfully than men simply because they know their body parts better. Women have sex with their husbands because among other things it brings emotional variety and a sense of connection. This is something that a vibrator can’t replace. A sexual toy will not damage man’s masculinity. Sexual toys are enhancements, not replacements. Not to mention that a vibrator can’t have a dinner with your wife, keep her feeling protected or fix things around the house.


  1. Sex toys are for couples who are not satisfied with each other

Many of the people threatened by sex toys start imagining that their partner’s suggestions about sex toys are an indirect implication of them not being skillful enough in bed. They see sex toys as assistance devices, not as enhancement devices. You may be doing everything really well, yet there is still plenty of room for variety and new things.