The True Essence Of Parenting

man and boy showing The True Essence Of Parenting

Parenting, a most substantial responsibility or most probably a priority which precedes all our other tasks penned down on a to-do-list. Once an infant miracle has taken place in someone’s life, parents eventually get enlightened of the future responsibilities to be undertaken in the wake of parenting. In the process of being a parent, their instincts somehow get awakened & they become vigilant of their upcoming expeditions. Whether it is choosing a unique name from the list of thousands, or designing a room filled with stuffed toys or walls beautified with cartoons and animated wallpapers for a soon to arrive baby, there is always an extreme rush flowing down their spine. And surprising to their amazement, they start planning about their baby’s future endeavors.

Two people equipped with different characteristics meet and fall in love with each other. They decide to bring an adorable baby into their lives to integrate their pristine bond further. But before stepping on the path of parenting, who’s worth & weight is much more than its name; people should firmly make up their minds first. Parenting is not a piece of cake. Because at every step, your patience, intelligence, fidelity and your entire strength is being tested and put in questioning and several doubts. Then, while fighting and compromising with the many challenges, you will find yourself absorbed or caught inside the cobweb of misunderstandings and differences. So, it’s advisable to consider or evaluate what parenting is. Before, it becomes too late or too difficult or tangling to resolve or tackle.

Parenting is not just providing embroidered shelters or imparting precious knowledge in sky touching infrastructures. Neither should it be misunderstood by branded and colorful attires or mouth-watering food rich in high nutrients. Nor it can be misinterpreted by allotting best of the luxuries and richness to your beloved children. Yes, there is nothing wrong in blessing your child with the necessities of sustenance. But overdoing it or unnecessarily making your child dull and lazy is not the synopsis of parenting. It is an art below which all other physical art forms seem petty. Being a parent, one has to be very patient, compassionate, humble, strengthful at all times and, yes, artful & strict at certain circumstances. Apart from providing all the essential requirements in their reach, parents should consider imbibing and inculcating good habits and qualities while framing the characters of their loved ones. And this should be relentlessly done or executed from the small age. So that, when a child transforms into an adult, all the sacrifices and compromises of the past could be reflected from his or her current persona.

Parents should be well aware of where their ward’s strengths and weaknesses lie. Once confronted, they should work upon their child’s desperation and encourage them to enhance and pursue their innate desires. Parents are the masters who teach how to walk, to talk, to read & write and how to rise above all the predicaments and disparities. Good parenting is a boon we can bestow on our children.