The Scientific Reason You Should Have Sex Today at 3 p.m.

You already know that hormones have huge implications on your sex life, as well as the feelings you experience afterward. But it turns out, these hormones peak and valley throughout the day, and synchronizing yours with your partner’s could lead you to even more enjoyable sex than ever, according to hormone expert Alisa Vitti in an interview with the DailyMail.

So what’s the best time to have sex? According to Vitti, it’s 3 p.m.


For women, this is when the hormone cortisol peaks, and brings with it energy and alertness. At the same time, men have high levels of estrogen, which makes them more emotionally present during sex.

Vitti, author of the hormone guide WomanCode, says the key to satisfying sex is for partners to find a way to synchronize their libidos.

Another good time for sex is the early to mid-morning, when men’s testosterone—a hormone they produce during sleep—is highest. “Men are more interested in initiating sex during this window and are more capable of a better sexual response,” says Vitti.

And if you’re looking to conceive, you might want to heed that advice as well. One Italian study found couples are more likely to get pregnant during morning sex.