Six Things You Would Wish You Knew Before the Divorce


Divorce or separation is never part of any newly weds’ plan. Some couples don’t entertain such a thought in the deepest parts of their minds. Divorce is against the will of God and shouldn’t happen. The reality is different though. While some are getting married, others are getting divorced. Breaking up for good looks like a normal thing today and people are for it regardless of all the pain it causes. Although some relationships are repairable, others are beyond repair and the only way out is to go separate ways. If your marriage is going strong, you can only play your part and hope that he or she does the same. Meanwhile, here are things you would wish you knew before the divorce if it were to find you.

  1. Respect is vital – If you don’t respect him or her and other people in your lives, you cannot stick by them during the toughest times of your marriage.
  2. Marriage does not complete you – Most people believe that the only time a man or a woman can be genuinely happy is when they get married. While marriage bliss is real, it doesn’t last for a lifetime without major efforts from both spouses. And as you strive to make him or her happy, you must realize that you are your own cheer leader. If you expect him or her to please you a 100 percent, they will fail and you will be sad. So, look for personal growth and self-reliance opportunities while in marriage.
  3. Practice empathy – It is usually impossible to understand what another person goes through until you wear their shoes. If you cannot be kind enough to do this, you come out as a selfish marriage partner. Your husband and you are a team and should be kind to each other in bad and good times.
  4. Be a forgiving person – Marriage is certainly not a bed of roses. It has its own challenges and discouragements. Instead of whining and wondering why you ever chose him or her, try to be more forgiving. You cannot persist in marriage without practicing forgiveness. Avoid blowing a small issue out of proportion when you can easily let go. Besides, you can learn to forgive your spouse if you practice self-awareness. This will make you realize that you are also a human being with a lot of faults. If you expect to be forgiven, learn to reciprocate.
  5. Don’t compare him or her with others – The person you marry is who he or she is. Accept him or her and move on. You can be excited and happy about your husband until you see her husband who is taller and more handsome. On the other hand, you can be so loving and kind to your wife until you meet your friend’s fiancé or wife who is catchier and more interesting. Instead of this, be grateful for who you have and don’t compare them with others. If you do, you might think of starting an affair.
  6. Watch your tongue – When angry, some men and women can let the tongue slip and worsen the situation at hand. Anger is a leading cause of divorce and so you should learn to control yours. Look for professional help, if you cannot manage your anger on your own.

If you can do all the above-mentioned things, and explore other marriage saving tips, you can avoid getting divorced. As marriage is a partnership, encourage your partner to search for knowledge with you.