Single Parenting Facts and Its Many Aspects

man and child showing single parenting

Normally, we all have a preconception that parenting involves two persons or parents in general. Parenting is considered as an amalgamation of dual responsibilities or vigilance. But, in today’s context, it is not entirely accurate or justified. In the present era, single parenting is a budding name. Single man or woman are coming forward and stepping on the path of this individual parenting. Individual people who are well-educated, financially independent & from the good social background are willfully opting for the tremendous responsibility of single parenting. People who choose to be single or non-committed lifelong desire to have a child to integrate or complete their lives.

Advantages of Single Parenting

The gift of single parenting can be bestowed upon the lives of individuals by either the method of surrogacy or by adoption. A single man or a woman who desires to be a single parent legally, they opt for rented wombs or legitimate adoption. Any familiar person or relative can be surrogate if she willfully chooses to be. There are numerous legalized adoption agencies out there, and one can easily find a desired child. This surrogacy & adoption subsides the pain of actual pregnancy and all other social boundaries of the marital relationship. A single parent is more like a close friend to a child or children than a parent. Infinite and undistributed love of a single parent is being imparted to the child apart from the dominance and restrictions of dual parenting.

Social Non-Acceptance

No doubt that we are living in an era of modernism & pacing advancement. But still, there is a vast bridge of old traditions, beliefs, and practices that have framed the ideologies of a large generation that needs to be crossed. Among the population of single parents, women are in the higher proportions than men. Individual, mature and socially and financially independent women choose to be single parents most often. They willingly go for legally adopting the precious gem of another’s womb to fulfill the motherly needs of their lives. But still, in larger parts of our societies, the fearless & confident ideologies of single women are not merrily or say, readily accepted or fueled. At every step, they are directly or indirectly forced to change or reconsider their individual decisions. Social taunts disrespect or neglect is unnecessarily showered upon them. From the very first thought of having a child to the initiative of caring & handling, these single independent women have to face innumerable constraints and limits. And, even if a woman is much well enough that she is not answerable to any of the familiar members, then also, the problem remains the same. She has to face the frowned gestures of the unfamiliar people residing in the society from time to time.

Protection, by Laws

Single parents whether it is a male or female are strictly protected by the law of the land. There are some provisions & relaxations framed by the judiciary for them. In spite of that, there are numerous cases of single parents knocking the doors of the court for their just rights.