Science reveals the best age to have children; women can’t believe it

The ideal age when a woman should have children is a hot topic. Many women postpone pregnancy for various reasons like wanting a carefree young life, developing their career or traveling with their spouse before starting a family. All of these reasons contradict the many theories claiming the ideal age to have children is during your 20s.

But, these theories are changing and evolving. Scientists are now saying something different from what everyone has heard before.

What is the ideal age?

Contrary to popular belief, a study led by Dr. John Mirowsky, a sociologist at the University of Texas, revealed the perfect time for women to bear children is actually age 34.

Here are the facts

The women’s health expert stated women should have children at ages 34 and 35 because some areas of the body can develop diseases or health conditions during a woman’s 20s. At 34, a woman’s body is at optimal health to prepare for and carry a healthy child full-term.

Mirowsky also points out that women should be cautious about having children in their late 30s. As the female body ages, the chances of contracting certain diseases and complications of the reproductive system increases.


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Other psychologists are contributing to reaffirm Dr. Mirowsky’s theory: women who are 34-35 generally have a solid relationship with their partner, have an ideal amount of energy and vitality, have achieved a certain level of professionalism and are mature enough to effectively raise another person. All of these experiences make the mid 30s an optimal time to conceive a child.

All in all, it’s perfectly fine and encouraged to have children in your 30s. Just remember, bringing a new person into this world is a life-changing decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Plan ahead so you will be prepared for the moment you decide to become a mother.

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