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I'm lonely while my husband's in school

So my husband's in college at age 28 and getting an accounting degree that he may later move on for an MBA or he may use for its purpose. He’s taking 18 credit hours this semester, but he's smart and doesn't usually have to study 24/7 like most people. However, the last few weeks, he’s been in his little office room and won't really come out or do anything with me because he is working on a project. I feel really lonely because my husband is busy with school all the time. Do any women have advice about how to stay busy and not become lonely while your husband is busy with school? Should I push for a date night once a week? If so, how should I go about doing that?

Georgia, I had the same struggle a few years ago. My husband wasn't going to school but he was working a full time job while starting a new business and was busy all the time. While he was away I was quite lonely so I decided to pick up a few hobbies to keep myself busy.

I also told him that we needed to go on a date once a week and I would look for really fun events and things to do with him that way we could utilize every moment together instead of just watching a movie together. That really helped me cope with those times.

I hope that helped. Best of luck to you.