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Everything you need to know about dildos and wands

couple in bed showing uses for dildos and wands in marriage

Dildos and wands are insertable penetration sex toys that don’t vibrate. Just like other sex toys, they can be made of silicone, rubber, PVC, metal, glass, and wood. They come in different sizes and can be as small as a finger or as large as a soda can.

Some dildos look exactly like penises and have heads and blood vessels. Others are just phallic in shape. A want is more likely to have a creative curvy shape.

Many dildos are compatible with harnesses and can be used with a hand or a strap. Wands can be used with a hand.

Why would a couple need a dildo?

Many newbies wonder why somebody would want to use a dildo or a wand during an intercourse between a man and a woman. Dildos don’t need to replace a penis. They can be used together with one. Many couples use them for all kinds of play. For some partners, a woman using a dildo on herself during foreplay is a huge turn-on. If you are a man who gets to watch your wife playing with a dildo, you can learn a lot about what turns your spouse on and how she would like you to penetrate her. You can use this information during intercourse to your advantage.

Many couples like to play with dildos during warm up. If the husband is well endowed, using a dildo can be a way for the wife to warm up and get her vagina ready for a big penis.

After pregnancy, some women feel that their vaginas get looser and crave something large, which is when a dildo can help. The subject of the size is a sensitive issue for many men, which is why a woman should never make it about competition. It should not be about one being better, but about both.

A dildo can also be very useful is the male partner comes first and the woman wants to keep going. Some women love the stimulation of their G-spots, but intercourse isn’t always the best way for it, which is when a dildo can also help.

If the male partner feels insecure about using a dildo, suggest that he uses it on you first during foreplay. Let him realize that the dildo is not a replacement but a supplement.

What you need to know about buying a dildo

If you are getting your first dildo, follow the same strategy as with other sex toys. Get something inexpensive and flexible. If you find that you like it, go for something more expensive and high quality. Silicone is the best soft material available on the market.

Different manufacturers produce toys of different firmness. Some are softer while others are more firm.

You will have a lot of choices when it comes to looks and aesthetics. If you want a dildo that feels and looks like a penis, get one made out of PVC or rubber. You can also get an item that has ridges and bumps.

Vibrating dildos

While most dildos don’t vibrate, you can find some models on the market with vibration features. What makes them different from vibrators is that vibrating dildos are compatible with harnesses. They have a hole in the base where you can insert a bullet that vibrates, but you don’t have to use it. Many manufacturers offer two versions of the same dildo, one with a hole for a vibrator and one without it. It is up to you which one to get. If you like penetration and vibration at the same time, get the vibrating model.

Inflatable dildos

An inflatable dildo is a great choice if you want to experiment with different sizes but don’t want to buy many fixed-size units. However, some couples do not like inflatable models because they don’t feel as solid as non-inflatable dildos.

Double-ended dildos

Double-ended models are great for couples where the man enjoys anal penetration. With a double-ended dildo, both partners can enjoy penetration at the same time. The design in which a dildo is very long and has a head on each end is not very convenient in use. Models that look like two dildos joined together work much better.

Buying a wand

The difference between a wand and a dildo is that you can’t wear a wand with a strap-on. Wands are usually made of hard materials such as glass, metal, and acrylic. They are typically somewhat expensive. Many of them have U or S shapes. Wands are ideal for prostate and G-spot stimulation.

Glass wands look beautiful and are perfectly functional. They come in a variety of shape and colors. Some of them look like works of art and many owners like to proudly display them, not hide them.

Some of the best glass wands are made by companies such as XHale, Phallix, and Asstroknots. The most important factor to pay attention to when buying a glass wand is the quality of glass. You want a wand made of medical-grade borosilicate. This material is heat and cold resistant. It can also withstand shock and pressure. Pyrex is one of the most popular brands that manufacture this type of glass.

Just like glass wands, items made of aluminum often look like works of art. They have a shiny polish and are also smooth and heavy. They are easy to maintain and are compatible with all kinds of lubricants.

Using dildos and wands

Some women like penetration when they masturbate. If you tried a vibrator but want something more penis-like, go with a dildo or a wand.

When playing with a dildo or a wand, always use a lot of lubricant. It will feel much better inside when there’s plenty of lube on it. A partner can use a dildo together with clitoral stimulation.

Never stick a dildo fully in the beginning of sex play. Start slow and gentle.