America, Take A Good, Hard Look At What You’re Doing To Working Mothers

So, to sum it up: the United States. Of. America. has worse health care for new moms than Serbia, Hungary, Estonia, and Lithuania. Let that settle for a moment.

Look, I love my country. In fact, when my wife often mentions relocating to Europe where she spent many summers as a child, I balk at the idea. “Why would I want to do that? The U.S. is my home,” I say. Even so, that doesn’t mean treatment of women and mothers in this country is anywhere near where it needs to be.

The Solution

There is not a solution that will heal the ailments this country has placed on the backs of working mothers throughout its history as a nation, however, that doesn’t mean things should remain in turmoil mode for the foreseeable future.

Women, run for office. Be the change you wish to see. Bring yourselves to the table wherever and whenever you are able. Understandably, women with families have a more complex time in taking this step (see the above for one example), however, more women are needed to make the changes that need to be made. Have you ever tried explaining a cramp to a male gynecologist? In theory, of course they understand. Medically, they have all the knowledge, but have they ever had the actual experience? Women, use your experience and change the course of this nation.

If you can’t run for office or have absolutely no interest in doing so, register to vote. And then vote. Repeatedly – every single time in every single election cycle. The mid-terms are just as important, if not substantially more important, than the presidential election. Need proof? 2016.

Share your stories. We all have them. Share them. Deciding not to talk about the postpartum issues we all face only masks the underlying issues, which bubble to the surface for all of the women who could’ve been helped if you had just shared your stories. Need somewhere to write? Create a blog, submit an article, write on Facebook, just start writing.

Share this story. Because sharing is caring.