8 Empowering Marriage Goals To Work On Together

Marriage Goals

A relationship is the sum of its parts and that means you can and should take charge over what you can control, i.e. the role that you play within the relationship.

I know it is super frustrating at times when you feel like you are putting in more effort than your partner but remember:

  • It’s always better to lead by example.
  • Once you have resolved anything that your spouse can level blame at you for, all that is left is the stuff they need to work on and this then becomes much more evident.
  • Once you have done the work on yourself, you can better support your spouse in achieving anything they need to accomplish that will help get the marriage back on track.

The great news is, according to the Marriage Foundation’s analyses of the Office for National Statistics’ divorce statistics for England and Wales, divorce rates have plummeted back to pre-1975 levels defying the negative rhetoric suggesting the contrary.

Treat your marriage like you would anything of the utmost importance, work on it daily, weekly and monthly.  Relationships are integral to our health, happiness and longevity and there is no room for complacency.  To help redirect any waning focus, here are some marriage goals that you should consider working towards.

Creating Your Marriage Goals


That’s right, you ought to have time to yourselves each week to do as you want to do and spend some time reflecting and introspecting so you can learn from life and move more swiftly towards your personal and marriage goals.

Suggested dose: once a week, minimum.

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