7 Things My Partner Can’t Understand About Being A Stay-At-Home Mom

There Isn’t Enough Time In The Day

I’ve tried to set solid routines and schedules in order to get everything done each day, but even then and by the time bedtime rolls around there’s inevitably something I didn’t get to. I’m exhausted all the time, and that exhaustion causes a lot of anxiety. I wish my partner could empathize a bit more about what my to-do list entails. His is always lacking in a few dozen tasks, while mine is, no doubt, overflowing. Being a stay-at-home mom means knowing I’ll be overwhelmed, and deciding I’m OK with it.

I Always Feel Like I’m Failing

Of all the things my amazing partner gets, I wish he knew this heavy feeling of failure I carry around. I try to be all the things, to do all the things, but most days I’ve failed at some of them (a lot of them). There’s only so much me to spread, and lately I’m spread pretty thin. With only one job that requires his attention most days, I know it’s hard for him to fully understand what I go through, but these are our children (not just mine), and my decision to be a stay-at-home mom requires more understanding and support if we’re going to be successful parents. Together.

This article originally appeared on Romper.