7 Things My Partner Can’t Understand About Being A Stay-At-Home Mom

I Tried To Shower

Along the same lines, practicing self-care is a matter of maneuvering our schedules so, at times, it’s not always possible. As I write this, I’ve needed a solid hair wash for a couple days now, but finding a pocket of time to accomplish it is a super human feat — especially now that school’s out and the kids are hanging on my every move.

Usually I bathe at night, simply because it’s the easiest. However, I wish my partner understood why even that deserves accolades. Have you ever tried to get a 5 year old in the tub when he flat-out refuses?

The House Was Clean

I spend more time cleaning my house than most spend sitting at their desk while they work their day jobs. Cleaning up after kids is a full-time position in and of itself. I can have the place spotless by noon, only to turn around and see a trail of new messes.

When my partner is in charge, he tends to let more go than I would, but he also can’t keep up with it like I do. Plus, if you let too many things pile up, there’s no coming back from it. I wish he understood that I do so much more than the dishes, laundry, and random cleanings. I go deeper, like into the toilet and the shower drain and the damn disposal.

Planning Meals Is Stressful

One of my least favorite things to do as a parent is meal planning, shopping, and preparation. I go through phases where I enjoy it, but they quickly pass once the kids refuse to eat anything I’ve spent my time planning and preparing for them.

My partner has no real idea how much mental strength goes into these things. He simply comes home to enjoy one of those meals without truly understanding what it took to create it. Maybe I didn’t farm the vegetables myself, but I did every damn thing else.

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