6 Side-Splitting Wedding Stories

Here are 6 hilarious stories that people have submitted regarding their weddings.

The Check In
My friend and I checked into this HoJo (Howard Johnson) as part of a wedding group.  We lugged all of our things up to the 2nd floor and proceeded into the room where I hit someone with the door.  I looked down and it was the maintenance man tying his shoe.  He got up and ran out of the room.  A maid was on the phone acting surprised that whoever called said they rented this room and the maid stated that the A/C should be working now and hung up.  I then look over and I see a Bud Light can on the counter…hmmm

The maid proceeds to walk towards me mumbling something about a courtesy call and a breakfast buffet, but all I could focus on was that her pants were undone, her shirt untucked, she was wearing NO shoes and her hair was all over the place.  As she walks towards me she is tucking in her shirt and trying to button her pants, which she was having trouble with.  She bends down in front of me and removes her shoe that was wedged under the ottoman leg (the wobbly ottoman, the place where the alleged “relations” happened).  AWKWARD!

She picks up the Bud Light can and goes into the bathroom where she takes out the garbage and states she will need to bring me a new bathroom garbage.  BARF!!!!!  If not for our courtesy call, I’m sure I would have walked in on the main event!  What kind of hotel is this?!!?  When we came down to change rooms and complain at the front desk, the girl said “well, you’ll need to speak with a manager, they were just up there changing the filter.”  HA!  He was cleaning out a filter alright -Jasmin

Giving the Bride Away
When my husband George and I were married 19 years ago, the wedding was held in my sister’s backyard. Chairs had been set up with a center aisle and when it was time for my sister Bev to walk down the aisle as my matron of honor, her dog Bear (a brown poodle) thought it would be fun to take a walk too. So my wedding pictures show Bev and Bear preceding me down the aisle. The pictures also show my two brothers-in-law giving me away. And when the judge asked, “Who gives this woman…?” they pointed to each other and said, “HE does!” Everybody just cracked up. Needless to say, it was a pretty memorable wedding! -Nancy Sayles

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