51 Cheap and Easy Date Ideas

Quit overthinking your date night. Your’e married, all the pomp and circumstance doesn’t have to go into every date. It’s more important that you two just spend time alone and together. So, if you’re looking for dating ideas, here’s a list of 51 of them.

    1. Grab your camera, go to town, act like tourists and get as many people as you can to take your picture kissing.
    2. Make a collage of the kisses on the next date.
    3. Borrow or buy a cheap kiddie pool, fill it with bubble bath, light candles, put on some romantic music and have a spa night in the backyard.
    4. Stroll down memory lane. Talk about the moment you knew, silly date bloopers, the best date, look at old pictures and get the butterflies.
    5. Make up your bedroom to look like a hotel. Put mints on pillows and stack fresh fluffy towels. Get some dollar stationary and a pen and write each other love notes. Get an ice bucket with sparkling cider and hang a “do not disturb” sign on the door.
    6. Make hot chocolate, snuggle up and read to each other.
    7. Go to Walmart and fill your cart with something beginning with every letter of the alphabet. Then put it all away.
    8. Bake and decorate a cake together. Make it Seuss-ish.
    9. Have a 15-minute phone date from separate locations to build the anticipation of seeing one another.
    10. Pack up your finest tableware and go on a picnic.
    11. Sit in the park, airport, bench in the mall or some other public place and make up stories about the people coming and going. Think … James Bond.
    12. Spend the week writing down nice things you do for one another and then read them out loud over a quiet dinner.
    13. Find a list of dream homes for sale and attend open houses for them.
    14. Go to a museum (many have one free night a week) and find your favorite piece and tell why it moves you.
    15. Volunteer together at a soup kitchen or shelter. More on next page…