5 Easy Steps That Will Make Your Wife Curious About Oral Sex

woman's lips

If you’re happily married to a woman who doesn’t like oral sex, there are easy ways you can get your wife to like it almost as much as you do. Here are 5 of them.

  1. Give her the choice, not the chore

You do not want your wife to associate giving you oral sex to some kind of chore she has to do in order to please you. This will diminish your chances of being pleased this way. Take your wife on a memorable date or surprise her in a positive way.  Then, give her oral sex first. She may or may not be willing to reciprocate. If she does not, don’t push it. Allowing her to choose to do it with no pressure is crucial.

  1. Keep it nice and clean

A noxious smell of urine and sweat will be a huge obstacle in your quest to get your wife to like giving you oral sex. Get a shower before the action and make sure to clean your genitals thoroughly. Shave your testicles and lower abdomen (or trim it): you don’t want her to get her mouth full of hair. There is actually a side benefit to shaving your penis: it will look bigger when shaved.

  1. Don’t interrupt

When your wife is pleasing you, you may feel like grabbing her head and directing her. Don’t. Sure, you’ve seen and heard of some women that don’t mind, but for a beginner, this would be very unpleasant. Just sit back and relax.

  1. Praise her skills

Women that don’t like to give oral sex feel this way because of social conditioning. You wife is probably afraid that she will lose your respect. Don’t be shy to let her know how much you like what she’s doing or even tell her how much you love her. She will definitely appreciate it.

  1. Give oral sex first

One of the ways to get your wife to please you in bed is to please her first. Focus on giving her pleasure. Engage in a long foreplay, kiss a lot and explore her body. Typically, women need at least 20 minutes of foreplay to get into the mood. One of the reasons why your wife doesn’t want to do all the things that you want to do is that you didn’t give her enough time to prepare. Start early. Send her a few sexy, intriguing messages during the day so that she is very curious and excited when she gets home at night. When she arrives, take your time. Make sure that both of you focus on each other and don’t let daily problems and issues interrupt you. Then, make sure your wife has an orgasm before you. Once she does, she will want to give back and this will be your chance to have her do things you haven’t done in the bedroom before.