31 Natural Libido Boosters to Help You Have Better Sex

Get busy tonight

Having intercourse regularly helps to keep your sex drive in high gear by increasing the production of testosterone, which is the hormone mainly responsible for libido in both men and women.

Quit smoking already
If you smoke, ask your doctor to prescribe you the nicotine patch. Why? Because it’s scientifically proven that smoking can clog the blood vessels in the penis in the same way it clogs the arteries in your heart. Ever heard a better reason to quit smoking?

Consider your meds
Write a list of all the medicine you’re taking, then check for party poopers. More than 200 medications can cause erection problems and diminished sex drive, including drugs used to treat high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, and stomach problems. Ask your pharmacist or doctor if any of the drugs on your list could be culprits. Of course, you can’t stop taking a drug you need, but you can talk to your doctor about possibly changing the brand, dose, or timing of your medication.


Plan a getaway
Spend tonight planning a steamy vacation. Even if you don’t go, spending time together picturing where you’d go, looking at photos online, and imagining yourself in some tropical paradise will be enough of a libido booster to get you to bed—early. Plus, it’s a lot more stimulating to talk about than why your teenager is failing geometry.

Practice Kegel exercises

You know what Kegels are—they’re the squeezing exercises your doctor told you to do after pregnancy or because you were having a bit of a problem with leaking urine. What your doc probably didn’t tell you is that they’re also great for strengthening the pubococcygeus muscle, essential for orgasm. To do Kegels, take note of the muscle you use to stop urinary flow, then practice contracting that muscle, gradually releasing it. Work up to 20 contractions three times a day. Check out these health secrets your vagina wishes you knew.

Take this supplement

Men: Consider taking supplements of ginkgo biloba. The herb promotes better blood flow, getting more blood to the brain and… other organs. It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out how that might help you. Follow the instructions on the bottle, but check with your doctor first. You can buy it on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/2tNFR3b

Cook up a pasta dinner
Make pesto and serve it over pasta tonight. Pesto contains pine nuts, great sources of arginine, the precursor for nitric oxide, a main ingredient in drugs like Viagra. Arginine helps open blood vessels so blood flow improves.

Act like teenagers

Go to the movies with your partner, sit in the back row, and make out like you used to when you were a teenager. You’ll be combining the forbidden with the frustrating—a sure bet to get your juices flowing.

Touch your partner
Every time you pass your partner, reach out and touch or kiss him or her. Don’t allow these moments to go beyond the kiss or hug. Simply increasing the amount of physical contact you have with your partner will help with desire. Try these little secrets for a more intimate and happier marriage.

Fill up on these foods
Sprinkle 1 tablespoon wheat germ (you can get it on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/2tNP0IV) on every cup of yogurt and every bowl of cereal you eat. Wheat germ’s rich in zinc, which is important to the production of that all-important hormone, testosterone. You can also get your fill of zinc in beef, eggs, and seafood—especially oysters. Consider noshing on these aphrodisiac foods to spark romance.

Pretend to be a new couple
When you’re at a party or out in public with your partner, take a moment to stare at him/her across the room as if you were still wooing one another. Sex falls out of a relationship when you take one another’s presence for granted. So don’t.

Host a steamy movie night
Cue up an erotic video and watch it with your partner. Use the time to talk about what you like and don’t like during sex (and before and after).

Think ‘Fifty Shades’
Read a sexy “bodice ripper” out loud to your partner. Play-act the parts of the ravishing heroine and her handsome, yet dangerous lover.

Keep your eyes open
Open your eyes when you kiss and when you are intimate. Looking into your partner’s eyes during such times sends an incredible message of trust and honesty.

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