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3 Tips For Bringing Sex Toys Into Your Marriage

When you’re looking to bring something new and exciting into the bedroom, one of the obvious choices is sex toys. There are sex toys that match every desire, and many options that have helped married couples achieve more exciting and satisfying sex lives.

Despite these benefits, many people are hesitant to bring toys into the bedroom, hesitant to discuss the issue with their partner, embarrassed, or simply unsure of where to begin.

Sex toys are a wonderful way to add something new to your lovemaking, and engaging them in your sex life doesn’t need to be as daunting as you might think. Check out these 3 tips for bringing toys into your sex life, and you’ll find yourself experimenting and satisfied in no time.

  1. Introduce the idea of toys as a positive

Wanting to bring toys into your sex life doesn’t need to be a negative thing. Though we may enjoy the sex we have with our spouse, there is always a chance for it to be more satisfying, more sensual, and more exciting. If you’re hoping to bring toys into your sex life, be sure to focus on the positive aspects of this experience, and never act as though these additions are meant to replace your partner, or make up for their lack of performance. Position the introduction of sex toys as a way to enhance the sexual experience of your partner. The subject is a great way to learn more about secret fantasies of your partner. Nancy Friday has been collecting sexual stories for several decades and has published several books that contain all kinds of stories. In her books, there are sexual fantasies by women and my men. There are stories about domination, gentle love and more. Telling your spouse that you’ve heard about this interesting book and you’ll like to know what your partner thinks could be a great beginning of this conversation.

  1. Vibrators are the best place to start, but you have so many options

There is a reason vibrators are the best-known sex toy. They are versatile and bound to make any woman (and many men) feel great. There are many different sizes, shapes, and intensities to choose from, so be sure to consider carefully what you’re looking for. If you have some curiosity about bringing toys into the bedroom but are overwhelmed by options, a small, moderate vibrator is the place to start. Vibrators really are perfect because they are likely to add pleasure for almost anyone, and are not very intimidating as far as sex toys go.

If you’re interested in toys but don’t know where to begin, you might also want to consider getting started with some fantasizing and role play. The stories and thoughts that excite you both might lead to some exciting toys to add to your sex life, like handcuffs for a little bondage play. The books by Nancy Friday can be very useful here, too. Reading about fantasies of other people can help you and your partner become more creative and free in expressing your sexuality. If your partner isn’t letting his or her fantasies out, you could even start with playing out some of the fantasies that you can read about elsewhere. One of the reasons books like Fifty Shades of Grey are so popular is that they contain a lot of sexual fantasies. If you and your spouse have read the book, you can discuss it and try something from the book.

It is easy to get started. Even your night time sleep mask could become a sex toy. You don’t even need to spend any money to start experimenting in the bedroom with your spouse. You could use a sleep mask, some ice cubes, and blankets that you could turn into a rope that you can tie. Since you most likely already have all these items in your household, you could use them even if your partner is too shy to go to a store with sex toys or even look at sex toys online. Introduce what you already have, let your partner get used to the idea that using toys is okay and go from there.

  1. Lubricant is essential

Lubricant is an often overlooked sexual aid that every couple should make use of from time to time. Some women have no need at all for lube, but particularly as they age, many women find that a few drops can help go a long way to helping them achieve orgasm, become aroused, and find more satisfaction in their sex lives.

If you’re looking to add toys to the bedroom, lubricant is an absolute essential. Hard, plastic sex toys are generally much more enjoyable with plenty of lube applied beforehand.

In truth, lubricant is so important and so versatile that it is something to add to the bedroom, even if you aren’t quite at the sex toy stage yet. With varieties beyond the standard, including warming and flavored varieties, the benefits of adding lube to your sex life are endless and absolutely worth the investment.

It is important to remember that there are different types of lubricants. Some of them are water-based, some are oil-based and some are silicone-based. Not all lubricants are compatible with all sex toys or condoms. Water-based lubricants are typically the safest while oil may damage some materials. To stay safe and protected, make sure that you check instructions for sex toys that you use, condoms, if you are using any, and lube.

Adding sex toys to the bedroom can be an exciting thing that can reawaken your sexual excitement for your partner. Often, it is not just the sex toy that sparks your libido, but the sense of freedom, fun, and experimentation that helps to bond you to your partner. If you have any curiosity about sex toys and are looking to spice up your sex life, cast aside your doubt, and start playing with your partner today.