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3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Sex Toys

What sex toys should you buy?

  1. Functionality

When choosing a sex toy, you first need to decide what you would like the toy to do. If you are not aware of your options, you may want to read more about them.

One of the issues that you may have is that you don’t know how and where to get started because some of the people and things seem to be “way out there.” Here’s what you need to know: most of the books today that talk about making sex life more fun and exciting fall into the “kink” category. Get a book that promises introduction to kink and it will have anything and everything from simple blindfolding to bondage with advice how to tie knots to BDSM.

Some sex toys are very self-explanatory. A blindfold is a perfect example of such a toy. With others, it may not be clear right away what they do or why someone would need them. An example of such a sex toy is an ergonomic vibrator.

Ergonomic vibrators have one goal: their shape allows them to hug the curves of the female body to deliver best possible clitoral stimulation.

A vaginal barbell is for women who want to strengthen their pubococcygeus muscles by doing exercises with the barbell and also for women that like to feel a heavy item inside of their vagina.

As its name suggests, a butt plug is an anal toy. It brings a very specific sensation: it makes a person feel fullness inside the rectum without experiencing any sensations of movement.

Many other toys can be used for a variety of activities and what you do with them depends on you. For example, slimline and phallic vibrators can be used for both external clitoral stimulation and for penetration. Wand-type vibrators can only be used for external stimulation but they may come with attachments that turn them into devices that also provide internal simulation.

Other toys, such as double-ended dildos and dual-action vibrators, allow you to accomplish several goals simultaneously.


  1. Your Style

Each person, including both men and women, has a unique sense of style. The style applies to many things, from choosing apparel designers and clothes to wear to the décor of your home to the style of your hair. As little as a decade ago, many of the sex toys were cheaply made, low quality and available only in very bright colors. Today manufacturers create toys of all kinds. There are mass market toys and high-end toys of super-premium quality. Many of the toys come in different designs, colors, and styles. For many people, especially those who are just getting started with toys, it’s all about being as close to reality as possible. For example, such people often want toys that closely resemble penises and vaginas.

If that’s what you are looking for, then pay attention to toys made of thermal plastic and silicone. These materials resemble real flesh very closely in terms of both feel and texture. Many of the dildos and vibrators have veins, balls, and properly circumcised heads.

Other people have a totally different sense of style. They prefer toys that look very discreet. For them, it is important that a sex toy in their luggage or right next to their bed wouldn’t even warrant a glance from a person who doesn’t know what this is. This category of people prefers sex toys that look like ordinary household items with clean lines and simple designs. Yet another category of people prefers sex toys that look very playful. Such toys typically come in bright colors and resemble vegetables, animals and imagined creatures.

The proliferation of smartphone and technology did lead to the creation of high-tech toys. You can find vibrators that are controlled through a smartphone app and allow partners to use the vibrator through the app even located far away from each other. There are even some vibrators that have built-in cameras and USB ports for computer connectivity. Such toys often have sleek, ergonomic, modern design and are made of top-notch materials such as glass, metal or ceramic. Some even include Swarovski crystals, 24-karat gold, Italian hand-made leather, and pearls. They look more like very expensive works of art than toys and come with a price tag that reflects the quality, design, and craftsmanship.


  1. Costs, quality, and size

Costs should definitely play a role in choosing sex toys. Today you can get some toys for as little as $10 or $15. That’s the price of entry-level vibrating eggs. Other toys, such as high-end silicone vibrators, can cost hundreds of dollars. On the extra-high-end, there are dungeon rooms with rotating beds and swings that cost thousands and tens of thousands of dollars.

Prices for toys are typically very consistent in the adult industry and you will get what you are paying for. On the lower end, there are toys made of inexpensive plastics. On the higher end, you will find toys made of expensive high-quality materials featuring unique designs. Toys that utilize technology are also more expensive. Keep in mind that you will most likely have to replace cheap plastic toys every year or a few years while expensive toys made of quality materials can last much longer.

The size of a toy does matter and you should rely on your personal preferences. It is possible that you want a toy that will fit easily in a bag or travel luggage. When it comes to toys that penetrate, descriptions such as “small” or “large” are very relative, which is why it is a good idea to see measurements of a toy or to take it out of the package before you buy it. If you are looking for toys to incorporate into intercourse with your partner, smaller toys are usually easier to you while larger toys do take some skill and experience to get used to.