Keeping the spark alive in your marriage can be tough when it comes to the daily grind of life. But one of the most proven methods of ensuring that you and your spouse stay connected and intimate is to institute regular dating. Some couples have made it a scheduled event called date night. This comes up every so often and they do the same thing over and over again. While this is still better than sitting at home vegging out to Netflix, there are better things you could be doing than the tired old “dinner and a movie”. So, to help you keep things fresh, we’ve put together a massive list of date night ideas for married couples. We’d recommend that you bookmark this page and then use it for quick reference whenever you’re searching for an idea.

Here are our favorite date night ideas for married couples

  1. Go to trivia night at a bar or pub.
  2. Celebrate a half birthday. See what it is like to celebratge a birthday at a different time of year.
  3. See who can write the cheesiest love poem.
  4. Go on a nature scavenger hunt. Think of a list of things to find before hand (ie. something fuzzy) and see how many you can cross off.
  5. Using a random household object, photograph a “day in the life of” series.
  6. Try Zumba as a couple. Guaranteed laughs.
  7. Read children’s books together at a local library. Share your childhood favorites.
  8. Make breakfast for dinner. Pancakes, crepes, waffles, etc with delicious toppings.
  9. Learn to make new cocktails in your home bar. You will have fun and become better hosts.
  10. Get it on in your car.
  11. Make a blanket fort in your living room. Snuggle in it and listen to an audiobook or podcast.
  12. Feed the ducks at a local park.
  13. See a concert at park or community center near you. Be aware of the events happening in your community.
  14. Do anything you normally do on a date but document everything with fun, silly, or artsy pictures for social media.
  15. Attend a student recital at a local university or high school. Support your community’s aspiring artists.
  16. Watch planes take off and land at the airport.
  17. Go to a city council meeting. See your local government in action.
  18. Paint pet rocks.
  19. Record an audio book together.
  20. Do a service project for someone you know. Clean up an elderly neighbor’s yard for example.
  21. Set goals together.
  22. Make a time capsule.
  23. Cook favorite recipes from your childhood. Maybe discover something you didn’t know about each other.
  24. Go for a bike ride. There are most likely locations near you to rent a bike if you don’t both have one.
  25. Play tennis. You can purchase entry level tennis equipment for the cost of a nice dinner and a movie. If it becomes a thing, upgrade to better equipment.
  26. Train for a run/other event together. Be each other’s motivation.
  27. Take a surprise trip. Pay attention to last minute deals from your closest airport and just go.
  28. Go to a museum or park and play the alphabet game, looking for objects starting with each letter. Kiss each other for every letter of the alaphabet you find.
  29. Make a blog together.
  30. Go for a hike. If hiking is already part of your normal activities then go at a different time. Hike at sunrise or sunset to change it up a bit.
  31. Attend an open house at the biggest, most expensive property you can find.
  32. Make food off of a cooking show.
  33. Pull out old family pictures to look at together. Share stories and favorite memories.
  34. Sketch a blueprint of your dream house. Compare and contrast the differences in your blueprints.
  35. Make newspaper, tinfoil, or popsicle stick boats and race them in a stream. Have a prize for the winner.
  36. Set up a tent in the living room and watch a scary movie.
  37. Have a homemade gift exchange . See what you can make for each other without spending any money.
  38. Cut up a newspaper and say something clever about your spouse with words cut from the page.
  39. Go skinny dipping. Just remember where you leave your clothes.
  40. Make paper airplanes. Have a contest to see who’s goes farthest.
  41. Recreate your first date.
  42. Build a snowman or a sandcastle or a mud sculpture. No snow? Use cotton balls or shaving cream.
  43. Dance together in your living room. Bonus points if you follow YouTube tutorials.
  44. Fly a kite.
  45. Play Ultimate Frisbee with a group of your friends.
  46. Play on a playground. Swings can be romantic.
  47. Go stargazing. Get a book of constelations and see how many you can name.
  48. See a student art show. Who knows, these student shows make awaken creativity that has been lying dormant.
  49. Take some of your favorite games and play them at the park.
  50. Break a record. Check and get started.
  51. Leave encouraging notes in unexpected places (around your house or around town).
  52. Use YouTube to learn how to make a paper crane.
  53. Find “outfits” for each other at a mall and try them on in the dressing rooms.
  54. Tell stories using shadow puppets. If you don’t know how to make any shodow puppets, learn how on YouTube.
  55. Print coloring pages off from the Internet. Color, watch cartoons, and eat cold cereal.
  56. Write and illustrate a story together. You can even self publish it through a variety of sites online.
  57. Go to a public place and people watch. Make bets on what people will do. “I bet the man in the blue shirt will go into Bannana Republic.”
  58. Make up a few of your own holidays. Maybe they will become yearly traditions.
  59. Go to a furniture store and plan the interior of your dream home.
  60. Make chocolate covered strawberries. Then eat chocolate covered strawberries.
  61. Go shopping for umbrellas.
  62. Look at the greeting cards in a card store.
  63. Pretend to be tourists in the city you live in and act out all the tourist clichés.
  64. Learn a new game.
  65. Make sock puppets from old/ mismatched socks. Reenact a scene from one of your favorite plays or movies.
  66. Kitchen Rockband! See how many kitchen utensils you can turn into musical instruments.
  67. Make each other mazes (or find free ones online) and see who can finish them faster.
  68. Make a comic strip telling how you two first met. Post them on social media.
  69. Watch reruns of trivia shows (several Who Wants to be a Millionaire episodes can be found on YouTube) and see how far you each can get.
  70. Have an at home spa night. Break out the chocolate, turn on relaxing music, take a bubble bath and give each other massages.
  71. Watch some TED talks on topics that interest you both look up “TED talks” on YouTube).
  72. Use rocks, twigs and leafs to make a bug village while at a park or on a hike.
  73. Do Madlibs. Everyone __________ Madlibs.
  74. Hipster bingo. Either make your own board filled with clichés or Google search a Hipster Bingo card online. Travel around town and see who gets “bingo” first.
  75. Carve a “family seal” into a potato to make a stamp.
  76. Get your fortunes told.
  77. Skip rocks. Have a contest!
  78. Perform silent plays in front of security cameras.
  79. Go to the opera.
  80. Find a list of get to know you questions and see how many you can answer for the other person.
  81. Create photo evidence suggesting you went on an adventure that didn’t really happen. Post pictures to Facebook.
  82. Use a pair of boots and photograph a day in the life of an invisible man.
  83. Visit as many people as you can in one night and turn as many things in their home upside down without them noticing. Bringing cookies is a good way to get in the door.
  84. Go to a sports game. If you don’t have an interest in either of the teams then cheer for both sides!
  85. Look up optical illusions together. Learn a trick.
  86. See a comedy show.
  87. Go to a concert.
  88. Netflix and chill.
  89. Find a photobooth or do your own goofy couple photo shoot.
  90. Have a chocolate tasting night.
  91. Pick up some top shelf Tequila and make a taco bar for dinner.
  92. Make recipes from a favorite country you visited or a country you have always wanted to visit.
  93. Volunteer together at a non-profit.
  94. Rent a tandem bike.
  95. Go on a drive.
  96. Pack a picnic meal and go to a local park. Bonus points for going at a unique team like sunrise or sunset.
  97. Go to the Farmer’s Market.
  98. Go-karts. Make bets.
  99. Have a culture themed night. Learn about a new culture and have food and activities from that culture.
  100. Celebrate your favorite holidays…. No matter what time of year it is.
  101. Learn vehicle maintenance together, oil changes, tire changes, etc.
  102. Make cards for each other and send them in the mail.
  103. Design a piece of art using only post-it notes.
  104. Carve pumpkins (fall) or watermelons (summer).
  105. Go country line dancing.
  106. Create a family bucket list and start crossing things off.
  107. Go fishing.
  108. Have a water gun or water balloon fight. Have a Nerf gun fight in the colder months.
  109. Go to movies and watch a double feature. A classic date times two.
  110. Bake cookies and take them to people who might need something sweet and some cheering up!
  111. Go on an art walk. Look for art walks at a local library, university, or downtown area.
  112. Play 20 questions. Is it larger than a shoe box?
  113. Have a picnic meal in your living room. Spread the blanket out on the floor and enjoy.
  114. Go to a local bookstore and explore.
  115. Interview a set of your or spouse’s grandparents about when they were your age.
  116. Learn Photoshop together. If you can’t find classes near you there are tutorials online.
  117. Make fondue with items to dip or go to The Melting Pot.
  118. Have a barbecue/cookout for two. Don’t forget the sides.
  119. Buy matchbox cars (one or two for each person) and race them down slides at park.
  120. Buy a DIY (friendship bracelets, mugs, etc.) project from a craft store (ie. Hoppy Lobby or Walmart) and make it
  121. Invite other couples over and have a cooking competiton.
  122. Go horseback riding.
  123. Have an un-birthday party. Hey, it’s someone’s birthday.
  124. Finger paint a masterpiece. Bonus points if you try to copy a famous painting.
  125. Decorate sugar cookies.
  126. Watch a documentary and put together a puzzle.
  127. See a show at the planetarium.
  128. Research coats of arms and design one for your family.
  129. Take personality tests online or check out “Color Code” from the library.
  130. Try dinner somewhere unique. Order for eachother!
  131. Make Tapas. They are Spanish.
  132. Go on a “blind date.” Act out as many clichés as you can.
  133. Pick an alter ego (movie character, book character, celebrity etc.) and go out to dinner. See if you can guess who the other person is trying to be!
  134. Tie dye shirts. Maybe you will find a new side business.
  135. Buy cheap canvas and some poster paints. Paint portraits of each other. Stick figures are allowed!
  136. Google science fair ideas and try one out.
  137. Make handprint art. The cavemen did it.
  138. Learn some water color techniques and try your hand at a landscape.
  139. Make homemade icecream.
  140. Go to the Symphony.
  141. Go to a local fair or festival.
  142. Plan a progressive dinner with a few other couples, move from home to hom for each course.
  143. Go ice skating.
  144. Take a mini road trip or long weekend to somewhere you haven’t seen yet.
  145. Paint pottery together at Color Me Mine
  146. Visit a favorite dessert spot.
  147. Plant a garden, container or otherwise. See if you have a green thumb.
  148. Dress up extra fancy and go to dinner somewhere.
  149. Search online restaurant reviews and visit the a top rated restaurant in the area.
  150. Start a Kickstarter.
  151. Visit a favorite bar. Your favorite things can still be romantic and fun depending on your attitude.
  152. Mini Golf. It’s fun and doesn’t take much skill.
  153. Go to amateur night at a local bar, club, or coffehouse. Share something if you feel inclined or just enjoy.
  154. Make a pizza at home.
  155. Go play bingo. You will meet some new people and have a new experience.
  156. Get ice cream. Get the biggest sundae and split it.
  157. Go to a driving range and hit a few golf balls.
  158. Visit the aquarium.
  159. Go wine tasting.
  160. Tour a local factory or brewery.
  161. Go to a Jazz Club.
  162. Make personalized scavenger hunts for each other.
  163. Get couples massages.
  164. Go to the batting cages. See how your swing is looking these days.
  165. Take a dance class.
  166. Go out for cocktails. Dress up and enjoy.
  167. Go for a boat ride.
  168. Play pool.
  169. Have a “triathlon” of activities you like. Come up with 3 events like air hockey, connect four, and pizza eating and compete.
  170. Have brunch.
  171. Go birdwatching. See if a park near you offers classes or head out on your own.
  172. Try an improv class.
  173. Have a cheese night. Go to a gourmet supermarket and match a beer or wine with a few cheeses head home and relax.
  174. Drive Ins are experiencing a comeback. See if there is one near you. Find locations at
  175. Brew your own beer. Kits available online at Williams Sonoma and Amazon.
  176. Hit the club.
  177. Go to a class at a local store. Home Depot and Williams Sonoma are just two of the many retailers that regularly offer classes.
  178. Go to a local nursery and find some new plants for your yard or for inside your home.
  179. Explore a craft store and get inspired.
  180. Go to a morning matinee movie. Go to breakfast and the earliest movie of the day.
  181. Visit a Winery.
  182. Play with puppies and kittens at a local animal shelter.
  183. Take a cake decorating class.
  184. Visit a sex toy store. Sex toy stores have become 50 shades more popular and some are even starting to offer classes for couples.
  185. Get pedicures and manicures. Guys if you haven’t tried it, don’t knock it.
  186. Go bowling. A date night favorite for a reason.
  187. Sketch out your dream vacation.
  188. Go to a wine pairing dinner at a local restaurant or host one with friends.
  189. Learn a new language. At least enough of the language to add some new words and phrases to your conversations.
  190. Read the same book.
  191. Attend a film festival.
  192. Go camping.
  193. Thrift shopping. Pop some tags.
  194. Visit a botanical garden.
  195. Go to the beach, ocean or lakefront.
  196. Go to a trampoline park for you and not the kids.
  197. Go to an arcade. Many communities now have nickel or dime arcades.
  198. Build the ultimate playlist. Take turns adding songs. Use this playlist for # xxx on this list.
  199. Take a tour of a local historical attraction.
  200. Interview each other.
  201. Take a long walk with each other. Walk as far as you can and take a taxi, Uber, or public transit back home.
  202. Go to a pottery class. Have you ever seen Ghost?
  203. Visit a pumpkin patch or try strawberry picking depending on the season.
  204. A night at the ballet.
  205. Get some friends together and play kickball.
  206. Go to a hookah bar.
  207. Visit a water park.
  208. Go to a haunted house.
  209. Karaoke. Entertaing even if you don’t perform but bonus points if you do.
  210. Go antiquing. Make up stories about the history of items you see.
  211. Play laser tag.
  212. Take a horse and buggy ride
  213. Go on a dinner cruise.
  214. Crash a wedding reception.
  215. Go to Ikea and build your purchase together.
  216. Stay in and cuddle. Bonus if you do it in front of a fire.
  217. Have a backyard campout. Glam it out if you are so inclined.
  218. Bike to dinner instead of driving. Take a different way home.
  219. Get a day pass for a hotel pool and go swimming.
  220. Strip poker. Aces over 8s.
  221. Find out where the food trucks are tonight and have dinner there.
  222. Have a yard sale.
  223. Throw a party.
  224. Go to a juice bar.
  225. Alternate sharing YouTube videos with each other and see where it takes you. YouTube Train.
  226. Recreate a romantic scene from a movie. I’ll have what she’s having.
  227. Call in sick or tell your boss you are not feeling well and leave early and spend that time with your mate. Anything you are doing while playing hookie is exciting.
  228. Create a fragrance together. Look online for recipes for scents and create your own signature perfume and cologne.
  229. Pretend like the power went out and spend your night completely unplugged.
  230. Stay up all night and watch the sunrise together.
  231. Forget the photographer, have a one on one photo shoot.
  232. Go on a ghost tour together.
  233. Hotel quickie. Skyrockets in flight.
  234. Go to a workout session together.
  235. Stroll through a college campus.
  236. Play frisbee in the park.
  237. Take a yoga class together.
  238. Friday’s normally pizza night? Pick it up and eat it at a park instead of home.
  239. Do crosswords or other types of brain puzzles.
  240. Listen to a new podcast together.
  241. Binge watch a TV show on your favorite streaming platform.
  242. Look through your old yearbooks. Stay cool.
  243. Play Google Roulette. Plug random words into Google and pick an activity from the result.
  244. Go shopping at Yard Sales.
  245. Take a falconry class.
  246. Go whale watching.
  247. Swim with the dolphins.
  248. Pan for gold.

Even if you can’t really do any of these activities you can pretend to do them. Use your imagination and sense of humor and have fun!