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20+ Memes for Married Couples Trying to Get Lucky

obi wan meme - sex, now that's something I haven't had in a very long time


Thanks for still wanting to have sex with me after seeing human beings emerge screaming from my vagina.


Married sex during the week: I had a chili dog for lunch, okay


We should have sex if we're ever somehow both in bed and awake at the same time.


Rules for a happy marriage


Did you try turning him off and on again?


A great way to spice up our sex life would be to have sex.


Vaseline is the key to having sex with your spouse after having children.


My wife and I like to play game in bed


Marriage is bartering sex in exchange for getting shit done around the house.


Doggy style meme


I would love nothing more than to spend the rest of my sex life with you.


Meme of the most interesting man and sex with his wife and being interrupted


meme - said no man ever


Good for one back massage I'll immediately try and turn into sex.


Happy father's day funny meme


Just wanted your to know you're in my thoughts and sexual fantasies - meme


Comic meme image about sex


meme card - you would probably sleep better if we had sex.


meme card- you can't say happiness without penis.


meme card - sexual pun


meme card- congrats meme