14 Signs You’re the Best Wife on the Planet

Being a wife is not an easy role, especially being an awesome wife. But chances are, if you’re doing these 14 things, your husband knows he has the best wife in the world.

1. You get excited about his successes

He gets a promotion at work, completes his training for a triathlon or learns to cook lobster. When he’s excited about accomplishing something, you’re happy too. You know you’re an awesome wife when you get as excited about your husband’s achievements as your own.

2. You watch his favorite movie (even if it’s dumb)

You’ve seen it a zillion times, and it’s still not funny, but you keep watching that movie he likes because he likes it. Bonus points if you courtesy laugh at the right moments.

3. You put him first

He is number 1.

You make sure your career and hobbies aren’t more important than him. No one is a higher priority, not even your friends, family or kids.

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4. You like doing things by yourself

Just because he’s your top priority, doesn’t mean he’s your only priority. Besides being a wife you are so many other things. Even if you’d rather be around him, you are perfectly content to be alone because you are a complete person on your own.

5. You cook his favorite meal

Even if you hate it or you fail miserably, you cook his favorite meal to show you know what he likes and you want to do nice things for him.

6. You make him laugh

You’re the best wife in the world if know what goofy phrase will make him guffaw or how to get him grinning with just a look.

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