108 Year Old Husband and 105 Year Old Wife Celebrate 82 Years of Marriage

108 year old husband 105 year old wife

Sometimes you might feel like you’ve been married forever. Well, in this couple’s case, they almost have been. Duranord (that’s not even a real name anymore) Veillard and his beautiful wife Jeanne (still a name) celebrated their 82nd anniversary in Rockland County, NY.

They’re a happy reminder that true love is about growing as a couple, learning about each other, and most of all, never giving up on each other.

They immigrated from Haiti, moved to New York to start a family and since then they’ve had a dozen grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren.

Duranord Veillard stays sharp by starting every morning with five to seven pushups, a cup of tea, oatmeal and fresh fruit. He and his wife also take lots of naps and stay in the house unless they’re going to doctor’s visits.

When asked, Duranord Veillard told the newspaper his secret to a long life.

“That’s God,” he said in a French Creole.

Rock on Duranord and Jeanne. Congratulations on your anniversary and we all hope to make it half as far as you two love birds!