10 Marriage Lies You Need To Stop Believing

7. Pornography doesn’t hurt my marriage

Stop believing that pornography isn’t doing anything to your marriage. There are countless studies on how it kills relationships and hurts couples.

According to Fight the New Drug, “An increasing number of couples in therapy report that pornography is causing difficulties in their relationship. Research shows that pornography use is linked to less stability in relationships, increased risk of infidelity and greater likelihood of divorce.” Don’t leave room for pornography in your marriage.

8. My spouse will change eventually

Although your spouse might change their mind on little things, they probably won’t budge on fundamental issues and the things they’re most passionate about. Embrace your differences and take pride in the fact that you can function as a couple while disagreeing on certain things.

9. My spouse and I have to put in equal work

Chances are, you and your spouse will rarely put in equal effort. When you’re counting who is doing what, your relationship becomes competitive and strained. You’ll also forget that you’re both supposed to give your all.

Marriage isn’t 50/50. Ideally it’s 100/100. As long as you’re each trying your best, the other will make up the difference.

10. My marriage is past the point of repair

Unless you’re in a physically, mentally or emotionally abusive relationship or you’re in danger, your marriage isn’t past the point of repair. There are ways you and your spouse can rekindle your love and rebuild the relationship you once had.

Once you stop believing these lies about your marriage, it’ll be so much easier to love your spouse, give them your all and build a happy marriage.