10 Wife Needs that You Need to Make Good On

I always wanted a fairy tale love story. One of those where they leap on a horse and go off into the sunset and live happily ever after. One of those love stories where they don’t fight. Don’t get upset. Don’t say mean things. Don’t ignore. Don’t lose their patience. One of those love stories where the husband knows exactly what to say at exactly the right time. And of course where I, the wife, am flawless and I make absolutely no mistakes. Sounds intriguing, right?

After being married for six years now, I have learned that men think a lot differently than women. In my fairly tale love story, my husband and I would walk hand in hand as we go on a shopping spree and then out to a nice dinner. In my husband’s fairy tale love story, he would like to stay home and watch a football game while eating Chipotle. Can you relate?

Today I wanted to share with you a few things your wife needs from you.

Initially, when I told my husband the title of this article, he thought that I was going to talk about how I needed all of his money. For some reason he thinks I like to go to the mall while he is at work and spend all of our savings – I have no idea why he thinks that. ?

But, no. Money is nice. And yes, any wife will take your money ANYTIME you offer… and that would be a very nice little bonus for this list of things she wants from you. ? But today, I want to talk about her expectations. What she desires. What she has always hoped and dreamed her husband would be able to provide for her.


At times I think my husband thinks my “expectations” of him are PAGES long… and it may seem that way to a lot of men {after all, we are women and we can be picky and moody and it’s totally fine and normal} but today I have broken it down to the TOP 10 SIMPLE things that are most important to a woman. These are things your wife needs from her better half… the man by her side…her sugar daddy…. her arm candy….her sweetheart… yes, these are things she needs from YOU.


When you put that ring on her finger, you immediately became a team. Your goals, dreams and wishes all of the sudden become BOTH of your goals, dreams and wishes. Support her and give her strength. Let her know you are proud of her and believe in her. This also means to help her achieve her goals. Be there for her when she has a hard day. Be that shoulder to cry on and those wings to make her fly.


Even if you think she already knows that she is pretty – TELL HER. Even if you think she already knows that she looks amazing in her new outfit – TELL HER. Even if she doesn’t have time to get ready and looks like a hot mess when you get home from work – TELL HER she still looks amazing to you. Women LOVE, no not just love, they NEED to hear things like this. We are always comparing our bodies, hair, nails and clothes with other women around us. It is always nice to hear from the man of our dreams how good we look! As her husband, you have the opportunity to make her confidence boost 100%.


Every woman likes to hear that you recognize everything she has done. Say thank you when she cleans the house or puts your clothes away. Tell her what a great job she did at work or what a fun mom she is for your children. Let her know that you notice all of the little {and big} things that she does.


Bad days will come – so let me tell you a little secret about ladies. Sometimes they just want to TALK! They just want to tell you all about their day and the drama and the crazy things that happened. Sit there and listen. Let them vent. Often times my husband will come home and I will talk for 30 minutes and then I stop and say, “So. How are you?” and he looks at me and smiles. That is when I realize that I talked WAY too much. But listen. And don’t only listen with your ears – listen with your whole body. Show her you are interested in what she is saying by not being on your phone or watching a basketball game. Disconnect from the electronics and be a listening ear. She will LOVE it.


We completely understand that you are human and you are a man with a LOT on your plate. But we also like to be on the top of your list of “importance.” Things will come up, work meetings will happen, games will be on – and that is TOTALLY fine, but make sure she knows that nothing is more important than her.


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