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Initiate Sex with your Husband Using these 10 Best Methods

Marriage is no small commitment. Your spouse is the person who you are actively choosing to spend the rest of your life with. But once the honeymoon is over and real life sets in, a simple fact remains. This fact is that marriage, like all relationships, is hard. As the mundane tasks of the week consume your every thought, it is one’s sex life that takes the biggest knock. Which is quite honestly a travesty.

Sex is what connects us. It strengthens the bond between partners as it allows each person the opportunity to feel vulnerable, strong and loved all in one euphoric dose. In the spirit of keeping your sex life exciting and active, here are 10 ways to initiate sex which your partner will thank you for.

  1. Be excited and show it

Sex is not a chore, it is a delight. The first step to initiating mind-blowing sex is to simply allow your excitement for it to show.

  1. Don’t let your mind get in the way

If you are feeling a bit twitchy and are keen for a bit of a romp in the sack, then go right ahead and do it. Immediately.  Try not to let your morning alarm or your next project persuade you that it would be more prudent to get a long night’s sleep. Sex deserves to be a priority too.

  1. Don’t let your insecurities get in the way either

Being a woman who has a sex drive and wants sex is not taboo anymore. Never, EVER be ashamed of your desires. Be confident in knowing that your partner desires you and would most certainly be thrilled by the prospect that you desire them too.

  1. Get to the point

Men do not understand signals, vague suggestions, and subtext. They are practical people who deal in decisiveness. If sex is on your mind, try saying it out loud to your partner. The results may surprise you.

  1. Hands can be erotic instruments

If you are not particularly comfortable with vocalizing desires, then maybe it’s time to call-up the hands. Actions do speak louder than words after all.

  1. Build the anticipation

Exciting sex is not only spur of the moment sex. Maybe you enjoy more games and chasing beforehand. Send your partner cheeky messages throughout the day, leave notes in his lunch or car expounding on what you want him to do to you later.

  1. Don’t take things too seriously

Remembers the days when laughing and flirting with your partner was enough to send goosebumps up your arms? Go back to those days for a few hours and have a giggle with him. Sex is supposed to be fun, so try not to take the whole thing too seriously.


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  1. Dress-up for the occasion

Men are visual creatures. No one is saying that you need to throw the lingerie on every night. But dressing for the occasion occasionally will keep things hot and heavy in the bedroom.

  1. Try something new

If there is one fantasy you’ve been holding back on, let it lose! Always been curious about that one sex position, give it a try! Whether its role play or a hidden desire, nothing turns a night from mild to smoldering like a little bit of ingenuity.

  1. Get into your birthday suit

Getting creative and putting in effort when it comes to your sex life is important, but there is one very simple way to initiate sex. GET NAKED. There is no clearer way to say that you want him and you want him now.